The greyest day of the year took Effie’s brightest prize

The greyest day of the year won the brightest prize, the Grand Effie, at the Effie Awards Finland 2019. Effective marketing was also rewarded with three gold, four silver and four bronze Effie Awards.

The greyest day of the year led the race from start to finish. The jury particularly appreciated the creation of a new season alongside the terrace season, the simple strong idea and the consistent execution – and, of course, the very strong commercial outcome.

Ambitious marketing is the most practical way to build growth for a company. This is evident when looking at the Effie Awards shortlist and the winning entries. Take a look at these acts, catch up, pull ahead, and beyond the seas. Marketing can save the whole country as long as it is allowed to do so.

says Eka Ruola

As Finland’s leading media house, we recognise our responsibilities and our role in the industry. Our most important task is to help Finnish marketers succeed. With Effie collaboration, we show our appreciation and bring forth our role as an advocate of effective marketing. The level was really high this year. Already getting shortlisted was a big win. Congratulations to all shortlisted and all the award winners.

says Director Karri Ahonen from Sanoma Media Finland

The winning entries and the reasoning are as follows

Grand Effie

The greyest day of the year
Hartwall Oy
Bob the Robot, Bob the Robot Pictures, Miltton, Dagmar, Lataamo, Cocoa

Finland’s autumnal weather map turned into a colour chart in the beverage market. An act that kept the top spot from start to finish.

Business challenge category


The greyest day of the year
Hartwall Oy
Bob the Robot, Bob the Robot Pictures, Miltton, Dagmar, Lataamo, Cocoa

Seasons are often taken for granted. The curve goes up and then falls towards the end of the year. Also, luck plays a role. But then again, seasonal thinking can be disrupted – or at least questioned. Like here. Success brought growth.


Oululainen Reissumies – Hyvä mies (A good man)
Fazer Leipomot
Folk Finland, Dagmar

Even strong brands have moments of losing the charm. And that might happen very suddenly. The growth curves go down and without risk-taking there’s no turn for the better. Not only did this act have the courage to go against trends, but also a strong belief and it also put the rye bread on the table.

Fazer Tutti Frutti – Täysin luonnollista (Totally natural)
Fazer Makeiset
Kurio, Dagmar

At last, the consumer is a true royal. If the product is irrelevant, it will disappear even if the brand is known at whatever level. In this case, the issue was thoroughly investigated, and the product went through a change. As the target group became enthusiastic about the campaign, some others squirmed. Nonetheless, it was worth whispering.


Working title
Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak)
TBWA\Helsinki, TBWA\Screen, IUM Finland, Bang and influencers: Meri-Tuuli Väntsi, Jari Sarasvuo, Tuomas Enbuske, Anne Kukkohovi, Meeri Koutaniemi

Modern marketing is an act, they say. This campaign is a clear demonstration of it. Perfectly executed influencing – and eventually the case even reached the Finnish government’s agenda.

Pink Ribbon 2014–2018
Cancer Foundation Finland
Dynamo&son, Rabbit Films

Marketing communications are often criticised for only accelerating unnecessary consumption. Whatever the truth, good can also come from consumption. Although usually good deeds mean giving from scarce resources. And then there are those who, year after year, do their best to make the voices heard.

Media category


The greyest day of the year
Hartwall Oy
Bob the Robot, Bob the Robot Pictures, Miltton, Dagmar, Lataamo, Cocoa

Of course, you can use the media as always – or you can create one. The best marketing communication acts become a part of popular culture. Once in a blue moon they become a part of the weather report.


S-market: Finland’s largest organic store
SOK Media, TBWA\Helsinki, Carat, Heku

If the message is simple and clear, you can focus on its multi-dimensional dramatisation. Perhaps too rarely does the media function purely as a platform, though it could be harnessed as part of the idea. Like here. The solution is downright natural.

Products and services category


Bob the Robot Engage, Bob the Robot Pictures, Veikko Kähkönen Photography, Manifesto

Complexity is rarely good when crystallising a message. Then again, diversity is essential today, especially when reaching a younger audience. The less resources you have, the more diligent you must be to get the attention you deserve. Sometimes you have a task ahead and not even a second to lose.


Fazer Tutti Frutti – Täysin luonnollista (Totally natural)
Fazer Makeiset
Kurio, Dagmar

In addition to the product itself, there are four other dimensions in marketing. The fifth being the people. Some did not understand at all what happened – and perhaps that is why it so effective, as the target group became even more excited.


<IF> Future proof career <THEN> Hive Helsinki. Applicant record.
Hive Helsinki & Supercell
Miltton Oy, Troot Network, KUUDES, Balansia Films, Siili Solutions, B-Reel Films

In our industry, creativity is often understood as communicative creativity, even though, in fact, strategic creativity is the most important push for success. Blasting a message is rarely effective, but systematic check marks can take you to the finish line.

KOFF Long Drink – Se toinen lonkero (The other long drink)
Sinebrychoff Oy
hasan & partners, IUM Finland, Koski Syväri, D8 Productions, Tapaus

Competition is beautiful and leads to feats. Challenging is a delicate art, but if it succeeds, the result is exuberant. And efficient. Strategic insights, a strong concept and cheerful implementations cumulated to a good financial result.

Sweet Suite: pakkasesta pakko kokea -ilmiöksi (From frost to a must-experience)
SEK, Dagmar, Studio Plenty

Advertising for targeted audiences might be the laziest solution. That’s why, increasingly, marketing communications is acts, stunts – surprising encounters that lay the foundations for earned visibility.


Every year, Effie Awards Finland awards the best in Finnish marketing. The competition is organised by the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity (MTL). Sanoma Media Finland has been a partner in the competition for many years.


Further information:
Eka Ruola, President of the Jury, +358 (0)40 860 0234
Tarja Virmala, Managing Director, MTL, tel.: +358 (0)40 48 4693

The Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity (MTL) represents the interests of professional marketing and communication companies. MTL unites companies that increase their customers’ competitiveness through marketing and communications and create growth and business results.